Bastion, a wolf, pulls the covers close his body. The house feels cold tonight. So cold not even his own fur is enough to keep him warm. It's well below 0 in his tiny log cabin house. His mate comes bustling through the door in a hurry, shivering from the cold as well.

"Any luck?" Bastion asks.
"Nothing," says Mikey, a tiger and his mate. "All the trees and loose wood are too wet from the rain and snow. It can't be used for firewood."

Mikey climbs into bed under the warm blankets that cover it and Bastian. Bastian rolls over to spoon with Mikey wrapping his arms around him to him warm. Bastian slides an arm down the side of Mikey's body; his paw running through his thick coat of fur. His tail reaches around and feels the length of Mikey's leg. Bastian's cock quickly hardens and pulses against his mate's backside. His paw eventually finds it's way to Mikey's thigh and discovers his cock, solid, pulsating also. Bastian grips it firmly giving it long slow strokes as he grinds his own against Mikey's ass. His mate turns his heqad around and licks Bastian's fave sliding their tongues into each other's mouth. Bastian pulls himself on top of Mikey, his cock grinding firmly against his mate's as he licks his chest and works his way down. Bastian finds himself staring at his mate's massive manhood dripping wet. He slides his cold nose along the underside of the massive cock working up towards the head as he teases it with his tongue. Bastian proceeds to suck the dripping precum off Mikey's cock and swallows it whole taking all seven inches in feeling the head poke the back of his throat. Gripping it tightly he pulls odd slowly and pushes down faster and hard with each suck. Mikey moans with great pleaseure tensing up quick but Bastian stops just before Mikey can deliver his load.

"You aren't finished yet, my love."

Bastian gets on all fours shaking his ass. Mikey quickly gets to his knees and lines his cock up with Bastian's hole.

"Want me to fuck you, eh?" Mikey asks.
"I do....I want you to fuck me hard. Make my ass feel good" Bastian replies.

Mikey rams his hard cock into Bastian's wet hole filling him with all his length. He leans over his mate wrapping his paws around Bastian's chest and he fucks hard into him. Bastian lets out little whimpers of please, drool dripping from his mouth feeling his partner pushing in and out of him.

"I want more..." Bastian begs.

Mikey grabs a toy(dildo) from the table next to the bed and slowly works it into Bastian's hungry hole. Bastian lets out a howl of pleasure as his ass is filled wide. Mikey gains more speed now and pounds Bastian's ass..his balls slapping hard against his mate. He reaches a paw down to grab Bastian's cock and strokes him feverishly. Both moan with excitement as Mikey fill's Bastian's ass with the hottest load he's ever given while Bastian sprays a sticky shot all over the bed.

Mikey's collapses over Bastian's back, exhausted and satisfied. Bastian falls to his stomach and Mikey's wet cock slips out splashing a little onto the bed. Mikey lies on his back and Bastian cuddles up next to him laying his head on his mate's chest. Both let out a sigh of exhaustion, close their eyes and drift off to sleep.

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