"Fire Storm!"

A wall of fire bursts from the ground straight up into the air. I jump back to avoid the heat radiating from the massive flames.

"Aqua Strike!"

A flowing stream of water bursts from my paws aim at the enemies fire in an attempt to extinguish it. I succeed but as the fire from the smoke clears I see the enemy running away.

"He escaped...", I groan quietly aloud. "Coward."

He's a rat. Literally. Well....figuratively too. An all together rat. He wears black robes and a hood. He's tall,'d swear he was not much of a challenge at all by looking at him, but he's a powerful mage. But also a cheat. And a coward. BUt enough about that. I'll find him later. I have other, more serious enemies to deal with.

About myself. I'm a Japanese Wolf. I stand about 6 feet tall and wear traditional samurai robes. I have long hair pulled back into a pony tail. There's a piercing on my upper left ear and on my right eyebrow. My magical preference is water and since water attracts lightening I dabble in a little of that too. I love my sword. It's the source of my lightening abilities. I command water with my paws. Oh yes, my name is Bastian. Bastian Ookami.

A dark night follows that day The Rat got away. Full moon. Excellent. Being a wolf a full moon will enhance my powers a bit. The fuller the moon the better. How ironic that which make me stronger can also make me weaker. This is also a hinderance when it's cloudy and the moon doesn't shine as bright. Naturally clear days are good. Anyway, I'm running through the woods when I encounter one of my greater enemies. Deston is his name. He's a buck.

"Draw your sword, Bastion," he says with a deep, serious voice.

We both draw our swords. Deston is not a magic user. I make it a rule to not use magic on non-magic users. Where's the nobility in that? I'm a warrior first; mage second. Our swords glimmer in the moonlight. I clench my weapon tightly and charge towards the enemy as he runs toward me at an almost equal pace. Our swords clash together and our eyes meet. He is beautiful. A shame I must destroy him. We stare for only an instant and push ourselves away from each other both sliding backwards on our feet. We swing. The swords clash in the air, down to the ground, off to the side. The air again. The side again. The air. The ground. The side. I swipe my sword across his front side barely slicing through his shirt. Deston jumps high into the air. I can see his silhouette in the moonlight as he flies down toward me with the blade of his sword staring straight at me. He's fast. His teeth are tightly clenched together. His eyes are narrow. I quickly move to the right and wince as I feel a small piercing in my body. Deston's sword catches my left arm slightly. I swing my leg up and kick him down to the ground. He quickly jumps up and is ready to fight, hand to hand. I sheath my sword and prepare myself to do some real battle with Deston.

I start with a kick to his head but he blocks it with his arm. He punches with his free paw and I block it with my left arm. Another high kick in the air and I hit the right side of his head knocking him to the ground. He's bleeding lying on his back. He gets to his knees and tries an uppercut but I unsheath my sword slicing his arm off just above the elbow and then stabbing it through his chest. He falls to the ground and I pull my blade out, shake the blood off, and sheath my sword once more.

That encounter was too easy. But whatever. Time to move on. I gotta track down The Rat. He might be a coward, but he's smart. He's up to something...but what?

I race towards the hills. maybe I can find some information there on The Rat's whereabouts. Frida might know something. She's a loyal ally and always sees what's going on as she is a hawk and is constantly scouting out the local areas. Well...let's hope...
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